Friday, June 30, 2006

Top Ten Lists for Genealogists

I still think that Chris Dunham is the funniest genealogy blogger I know. He's on vacation this week somewhere in the wilds of central Maine, so what he doesn't see is all good for us stuck blogging away looking for content. One of his many themes is Top Ten Lists - the link to all of his Top 10 lists is here.

My favorite top ten list is The Top Ten Reasons I Love Genealogy, below:

10. All the women are hot and willing to share.

9. Helped me discover my dust allergy.

8. A head start toward becoming a Mormon.

7. Keeps me from wasting time on living people.

6. Free pencil sharpenings at the archives.

5. Cheaper than space travel.

4. More lucrative than etymology.

3. Fills the empty hours between waking and falling asleep.

2. Provides a good excuse for loitering in graveyards.

1. The only one of my hobbies for which a DNA sample is voluntary.

Like that one? Agree with me? Read them all!

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