Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Famous People in Census Records

Michael John Neill, who is a well-known and respected genealogist, educator, speaker, writer and columnist, has a great web page for famous people in the census records here.

You can search by census year, or by name of the famous person. He has a special page for US Presidents and famous UK residents in the UK census records.

Michael's main page is here, and his blog here. A collection of his Ancestry Daily News columns is here.

Michael also runs contests to find famous people in the census - and offers prizes for success. The current contest page is here. At present, he is searching for:

a) Georgia O'Keefe in 1930
b) Thomas Edison in 1870
c) George Burns in 1920
d) Spencer Tracy in 1920
e) Bob Hope in 1910
f) Glenn Miller in 1930
g) Hank Williams Sr in 1930.

I have searched for all of these, in some cases spending an hour or more on one of them, with no success. I did find Cy Young in 1920 and May West in 1920 but someone beat me to the punch. If you think you are a great census researcher, take a crack at these and submit your response to Michael - see the Contest web page for directions.

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