Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why Do We "Do" Genealogy?

By Leo Anthony Dolan

The history of a family is not dead
it lies in wait for someone to awaken it.
To shine a light on what was done and said
to keep on trying 'til the pieces fit.

For in this search for those who came before me
I've found a vibrant, lively, loving set of people
and as they take their rightful spot upon the tree
it's almost like a bell was tolling in the steeple.

The bell keeps tolling for each one of them
who lived in times both near and times afar
A happy sound it is, quite like an anthem
that says "We live, we speak, remember who we are."

I will remember you as family of my own.
Indeed, from you, my own life has been made,
my eyes, my nose, my very size was known,
in centuries past the plans for me were laid.

Who knows where finally this search will lead me,
this quest to know of those who went before.
Suffice to say I've found a long lost family
and hope they will be honored ever more.
I've been reviewing my earlier Seaver/Richmond family newsletters, and keep finding these gems of wisdom and poetry. I thought this one expressed my feelings well. Enjoy!

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