Friday, August 18, 2006

Personal letters -snapshots in time

Some of the treasures found in my mother's closet were letters to the family in San Diego. Each one provides a snapshot in the life of the person who wrote it. This one is from Devier David Smith, brother to my great-grandmother, Della (Smith) Carringer (wife of Austin Carringer). Matie was their sister. Their father was Devier J. Smith, and their mother was Abigail (Vaux) Smith. Devier J. (D.J.) spent time on their ranch in Wano, Kansas, up the Republican River from McCook Nebraska.

There is some useful family news in this one. Of course, the letters we really want are those that our ancestors sent off to other places, and they are almost always lost.


Letter from Devier D Smith in McCook Neb to his mother Abby (Vaux) Smith in San Diego. Envelope with return address of D.D. Smith, proprietor of Blue Front Livery Stable, McCook Nebraska. Addressed to Mrs. D.J. Smith, National City Cal, c/o Austin Carringer. Postmark unreadable.

On letterhead of D.D. Smith, proprietor of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable,

McCook Neb June 9 1889

Dear Mother and all,

I have not heard from any of you folkes for over two months. Have written two letters in that time and now will try my luck again.

Business is terable quiet this year. Making a living and that is about all. Money is terable close. I have got every thing in good shape and I will send Austin some money by the first of the month if nothing happens. I wrote him in refereance to it but have not recieved any answer. I will get the back interest for him by that time I think any way. I have 12 head of horses now and are all fat. Also have been painting all of my buggies the last month and have not scarcely taken time to eat at meal time.

We had a large fire here a short time ago. Burnt all of the frame stores on the east of Mane St. Now they have commenced to rebuild them of brick 5 in number.

Bye the way, I suppose you will all be surprised of you know I was married. Never the less it be true! I was married on the 20th of May, and would have let you known before but looked for a letter from you folkes any day and kept putting it off. I told the girls to write but they have been so busy all of the time. I sent you her picture last summer and name. Her folkes live in Jefferson Colo about 80 miles from Denver. We are all getting along fine.

I tell you it beats a "Batchelor's" all to the ---- I think we are elected to live in McCook for a while yet as any one cannot sell out for a good price: in fact could not get my money out now and the girles are satisfied now so it will have to be.

There is lots of new houses going up but no sale for property at all.

I think Matie will get married before long from all appearances. I have been buying under clothes for her and now have got to spent a silk one. She does not know just the time yet and so I don't know as she will say a thing to you folkes or not so don't tell her that I said any thing about it, but will let you know before hand.

D.J. is coming down before long he wrote me the other day.

Well I am not much of a hand to write much you know and will close for this time. Hoping this will find you all well as it leaves us. Leava sends her love and a big "hug".
Love to all, By By, Davie.

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