Thursday, October 12, 2006

Newspaper resources articles

One of the best articles describing the use of newspapers for genealogy research is by Kimberly Powell at the web site. The link to the article "How to Find & Research Newspapers for Genealogy Research" is here.

Another is Ruby Coleman's article at with lots of links - the article is "Finding Newspaper Records" here.

There are also a number of articles about Newspaper research at the Ancestry Library site here.

It is difficult to keep up to date with what newspaper records are available online. There are several companies (ProQuest, Newsbank, NewspaperArchive, Ancestry, Accessible Archives, etc.) that have extensive online databases with historical and current newspaper records, including search capabilities. I blogged about the GenealogyBank newspaper archive recently. has a good list of free and for-fee newspaper records that are online or in repositories. There are web sites like has a list of their newspaper archives here. I usually start with Ancestry, then look in my local library databases.

Your local library may have some of the newspaper archives available for home access using a library card. In San Diego, the San Diego, Chula Vista and Carlsbad libraries have a variety of resources, especially for current issues of selected newspapers. The SDPL has the ProQuest newspaper archives for hundres of US newspapers, all of them fairly recent. They also have the NYTimes Archive 1851-2003.Chula Vista and Carlsbad have access to ProQuest newspapers for current major papers -NY, LA, SD, WSJ.

Is there an up-to-date list of the newspaper archives available online - either free or for a fee? If not, that would be a great resource for someone to create.


Joe said...

Randy - there's a small directory of online historical newspapers at: Historical Newspapers and Indexes on the Internet

Randy Seaver said...


Thanks for the link. I knew I had seen that somewhere but I can never find my notes it seems.

Cheers -- Randy