Friday, October 13, 2006

"Discover Your Family History" Day at the Library

Saturday the 14th is "Discover Your Family History Day" at the library. The Chula Vista Genealogical Society and Chula Vista Public Library are holding a 90 minute workshop for individuals and families who want to learn about genealogy and family history.

This has been a major effort for our 80 member society. We have over 20 members actively involved in supporting this workshop. The library has been great, supporting us with meeting space, publicity and taking the reservations.

While each workshop is 90 minutes (work on a pedigree chart, find data on the Internet, visit the library genealogy books), we have 7 sessions scheduled so it is a full day. We had a potential of 40 slots available for the community, and have about 30 reservations now.

My blogging will be light until Saturday night since I will be at the workshop all day on Saturday. I'll blog a bit about the experiences we have - the good, and the bad. Wish us luck!

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