Monday, October 9, 2006

More Census Whacking - Strange but True Names

I really can't help myself sometimes - I found these on HeritageQuestOnline today while wasting time...

Would Ida Whopper (1920, White County AR) go for Big Mack (1920, Lyon County NV)?

How about Desire Lovejoy (1870 Chautauqua County NY) with Ernest Lover (1910, Kings County NY)? Probably too young for her. I hope she made a good match, and he lived up to his name.

Would Katherine Messy (1900, Essex County NJ) do well with Waldo S. Perfect (1900, Delaware County OH)? See, somebody's Perfect! It's probably not Kathy.

Would Pleasant Quiet (1900, E. Feliciana Parish LA) get a word in edgewise with Chance T. Talker (1900, Scotland County MO) or even Pete Shouter (1920, Douglas County NE)?

Are Peter Whistle (1910, Essex County NJ) and Daisy Whistle (1920, Belmont County OH) cousins? Maybe Daisy would go for Valentine Lips (1900, Cook County IL).

Does Truth McNaught (1920, Ouray County CO) talk with Small Riddles (1900, Barnwell county SC)?

Would Love Dickers (1900 Rockcastloe County KY) hook up with Tiny Dick (1900, Madison County TN)? Don't even think about their kids names!

What about Flora Eyes (1900, Lancaster County PA) with Wink Lott (1900, Smith County TX), or with Christmas Blinker (1900, Orleans Parish LA)?

Would Lilly Pooh (1900, Black Hawk County IA) find Sig Farter (1910, Polk County MN) attractive? They could have a daughter named Winnie and be famous.

Would Hoseley W. Whimper (1920, Mississippi County AR) and Homer Sneer (1900, Isabella County MI) be friends?

Would Fanny Ache (1900, Northampton County PA) find Nook A. Laugh (1900, Barbour County WV) funny? They could name a kid Billy Ache Laugh to honor both sides of the family.

How about Happy Boozer (1900, Newberry County SC) having a drink (or more) with Sunny Person (1900, Nash County NC)?

Would William Killjoy (1880, Cook County IL) spoil the fun of Valentine Killer (1900, Dupage County IL)? Or maybe he would find Desire Lovejoy attractive? But would she?

That leaves Marion Headless (1900, Wayne County IL) getting together with Hugh Brain (1900, Winnebago County IL). Who would have thought of it?

Believe it or not, these are all REAL people (unless they were indexed or enumerated incorrectly) on the HQO head of household index. Of course, each one didn't know the other above, but look at the missed possibilities!!!

I realize that many of you have been waiting for this - so ENJOY! Isn't genealogy FUN?


Anonymous said...

You found that many just today? Wow.

Jasia said...

OK, you got me laughing out loud with these Randy. Thanks for the good cheer!

Janice said...

Randy, you obviously have way too much time on your hands lol. But don't stop, I love reading these.