Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Randy and his wall chart

I was recently interviewed, via email, by the local newspaper, the weekly Chula Vista Star-News, because of my involvement in the CVGS/CVPL "Discover Your Family History Day" workshop last weekend. I'm told that the article will be published this weekend - we'll see.

They asked me to provide a photograph of me in some genealogy activity. After pondering for some minutes, and rejecting my wife's suggestion to take a picture of me on the computer in my "Genea-Cave," I decided to have her take a picture of me with my ancestral fan chart in front of some of the family photos on the wall in the family room. The picture is below:

The chart was made about 12 years ago by a genealogy friend who wanted to practice her calligraphy in hopes of building a small business in the genealogy community. The chart is the 10 generation ancestry of my father.

I worked out a way to turn this into a neat Christmas present for my aunts, uncle and cousins. When my friend did the original chart, I had her leave off the name in #1. I had her copy the chart 6 times at the copy shop, and on the copies asked her to put in the names of my father and each of his five siblings on the copies. I then copied those charts at the copy shop so that I could provide one for each of my first cousins plus my 3 living aunts and uncle. They really appreciated it!

After looking at this picture, I realized that I have NOT scanned some of the pictures on the family room wall. They have been there for almost 20 years, and some are the only available copy. I need to scan them ASAP.

Do you have a large wall chart of your ancestry? If so, how do you display it?


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