Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ranslow Smith's GLO Records

I went to the GLO Records site, described in my post below, and downloaded the land patent documents for my ancestor Ranslow Smith, who bought two plots of land in Dodge County, Wisconsin in 1848.

One of the documents is shown below:

I then wrote down the legal land description from the second screen, like Linda Schreiber suggested, and went to the Standard tab on the first screen, and input the land description, and came up with a list of the others who bought in the same section/township/range. Included in the list was three plots sold to George Smith, including the northeast quarter, where my Ranslow Smith had the southeast quarter.

I have some information that George and Ranslow Smith are brothers.

Thie system described by Linda Schreiber works well - try it, you may find relatives of your people bought land near them.

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