Saturday, November 25, 2006

"The American Genealogist"

One of my favorite genealogy periodicals is "The American Genealogist" (TAG), which is a quarterly that focuses on New England families and their English ancestral lines. It is currently edited by David L. Greene, Robert Charles Anderson and Joseph C. Anderson, and published by David L. Greene. See their web site for more information.

Of all the scholarly periodicals I subscribe to (NGSQ, NEHGR, TEG, and TAG), this is the one with the most articles concerning my ancestors, mainly because it has concentrated on southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut families for most of its existence. I almost always find a mention of one of my ancestors in each issue. In many cases, someone has solved one of my brick wall problems, or identified an ancestral family in England that I had not found myself.

Have you read TAG at the library? If you have New England colonial ancestors, you should read it regularly.

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