Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Was Tarzan his Cousin?

Chris Dolley posted on his blog about his relationship with Lord Greystoke through Edith Sigurson in "Tarzan: My Long Lost Cousin." It's funny and informative at the same time.

The best part:

For those who find this hard to believe, here's the evidence: In 1105, in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, Robert d'Oilli, constable of Oxford Castle married Edith Sigulfson, daughter of Lord Greystoke. And we all know who Lord Greystoke is.

My only problem was proving the link between the Norman baron whose father fought with William at Hastings ... and the illiterate brickworkers living in 1760 Surrey.

But I'd seen Alex Haley's Roots. Could I produce my own book Branches - one man's search to prove his link to the King of the Jungle? So began my hunt to find Kunte Cnut and Chicken Godgifu. Or failing those, Cheetah.

Read the whole thing - especially the last paragraph which ties it all together well.

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