Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Genealogy Software Review - 2007

I found a Top Ten Review of Genealogy Software at http://genealogy-software-review.toptenreviews.com/. The top 10, according to this list, are (rated on a scale of 1 to 4):

  1. Legacy (4.0)
  2. Family Tree Maker (4.0)
  3. Ancestral Quest (3.5)
  4. Personal Ancestral File (3.5)
  5. Rootsmagic (3.0)
  6. Family Historian (3.0)
  7. DoroTree (3.0)
  8. The Master Genealogist (3.0)
  9. Cumberland Family Tree (2.0)
  10. Win-Family (2.0)

The software was rated on a scale of 1 to 4 for their Feature List, Ease of Use, Ease of Installation and Setup, and Help/Documentation. There is also a checklist of features like Reports and Charts, Tools and supported Windows configurations. Mac software is not included in this chart.

TMG was rated the only 4.0 for Feature Set, but was rated only 2.0 for Ease of Use. Legacy and FTM get a 4.0 for Ease of Use, and a 3.5 for their feature set.

If you are looking for genealogy software, here is one rating chart to consider. You might download demonstration copies of some of these to test them out - I've done that with Legacy and RootsMagic, but haven't found a good reason (yet) to change from FTM.


Anonymous said...

This website bases it ratings solely on how much they make on the product's affiliate program. If you hover over the top 3 products, you will note that they are all affiliate links. The company has numerous "review" sites for various products and the top rated products are always those that offer the biggest affiliate payout.

Dana Huff said...

I notice they didn't review Family Tree Legends. I've been very happy with FTL, but it gets almost no attention in the genealogy community.

Anonymous said...

I was surfing for reviews on new genealogy software. I found you by good luck. All the post are very good and interesting. After
30 years of genealogy. I am still leary of most ratings on programs.

thanks: chief Rainbolt