Saturday, November 4, 2006

Thoughts and Prayers for Ken Aitken

Ken Aitken's Genealogy Education blog was one of the first genealogy blogs that I found, and I consider him a "brother in genea-blogging." I enjoy the intellectual content and challenges that Ken presents for teachers, librarians, speakers, conference planners and program organizers.

Ken is in the hospital right now being treated for ALS, which he has been quietly battling for 8 months. His son, Neil Aitken, has posted a note on the GenEd blogsite here with news of his father's condition. Neil also posted a note to the APG mailing list saying:

"I have enjoyed immensely our association and the opportunity to meet so many fine professional genealogists from across the continent. And though I will no longer be posting to the list, I will when I can read your comments and messages."

I am hoping and praying that Ken can recover a bit from his current condition and continue to impress and inspire us with his intelligence, honesty and sense of humor on his blog. His voice is unique in the genea-blogging universe and we need to continue hearing it.

Ken - please know that I am praying for your recovery - may God bless you richly.

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