Monday, October 30, 2006

Hallowe'en Families

There are a number of families in the Rootsweb WorldConnect database that have surnames connected to Hallowe'en.

For instance:

1) The GHOST family - there are 346 entries, including the descendants of Philip Ghost of Westmoreland County PA - see 6 generations here. It looks like at least one GHOST from this family is still living.

2) The GOBLIN family - There are 32 entries for this surname. It looks like there are no real GOBLIN family trees - only isolated GOBLIN women who married men with other surnames.

3) The SKELETON family - there are 378 entries but few trees with many generations. Methinks these are mostly misspelled SKELTON people.

4) The FRANKENSTEIN family - There are 794 entries, and most of them are of German origin. One family that settled in rochester NY is here.

5) The WITCH family - there are 108 entries, but no long family lines in the database.

6) The PUMPKIN family - there are 62 entries, but no long family lines.

7) The HAUNT family - there are only 5 entries, none with a family line.

8) The SPOOK family - there are 12 entries, and only one with a three generation family.
There are no VAMPIRE family entries.

What other Hallowe-e-oriented surnames can you think of? Are they in WorldConnect?

Happy Hallowe'en!! Trick or Treat?

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