Thursday, November 9, 2006

World's largest gravestone

I may have missed this article written in March 2006 in the Hendersonville (NC) News titled "Larger Than Life, McCrary Twins Still Famous" found here.

The article notes that:
Billy and Benny McCrary were larger than life, identical twins from Hendersonville who gained international fame as pro wrestlers, mini-bike stunt riders and world record holders.

At their peak, the McCrary twins cumulatively weighed 1,598 pounds; they still hold the world record as the heaviest twins. Their notoriety began when a Life magazine photographer snapped the 600-plus-pound twins riding mini-bikes at the Apple Festival.

And the Guinness World Record for the largest gravestone commemorates the McCrary twins:
Virginia McCrary is particularly proud of her boys' 13-foot-wide memorial in the Crab Creek Baptist Church Cemetery on Jeter Mountain Road, which holds the record as the world's largest gravestone. The 3-ton granite monument is inscribed with two Honda mini-bikes and the words, "World Record Holders."

"Benny's wife, Tammie, and I went down to Elberton, Ga., the granite capital of the world," Mrs. McCrary says. "Tammie was very artistic and she drew all the dimensions on a large sheet of paper. They brought it up from Elberton in a big truck, with a crane. It's amazing and if I hadn't been there to see it with my own eyes, it would've been hard to believe."

Read the whole article. Big boys... I'd never heard of the twins, of course, but the gravestone sounds impressive.


Chris said...

I loved the Guinness Book of World Records when I was a kid, and remember the McCrary brothers well. Mostly I remember this picture. It's hard to forget something like that.

Anonymous said...

For the first time I have seen such a big gravestone that you have been talking about. It sure has been an interesting to be in the notice of every person that has been watching them.