Tuesday, November 7, 2006

A Carnival of my technical opportunities

Rather than submit several of my blog posts to the next Carnival of Genealogy, I decided to write an article that links to my technical "opportunities" as they happened.

1) I had a monitor problem - posted here. I got some helpful comments. The solution was to buy a new monitor - a 19 inch ViewSonic, which meant I could move it back a bit on the desk and gain more space in front of the keyboard for my notes and stuff. The lesson learned here was to BACKUP MY DATA more often just in case it is the hard drive rather than the monitor! Now - the problem is how to get rid of the old monitor.

2) The microfilm printer at the local FHC broke recently - I had used two of them for almost 20 years! I learned to use the microfilm scanner and printer. My first post is here, and my second post is here. The lessons learned are to embrace the new technology as you find it, and to take an empty flash drive to the FHC and load it up with scanned microfilm images!

3) I got an iPod for my birthday, and have loaded it with music, podcasts and photos. The podcasts are from the Genealogy Guys, some Dick Eastman podcasts, and some sessions from the FGS 2006 Boston conference. My post is here. No problems with this yet...I've embraced the technology, enjoy my music, and my wife wonders how I find the time. Heh heh - sleep deficit?

My next "technology" challenge will be installing the wireless network in my computer room, getting the new laptop - Linda's birthday present :) - to work, getting it to work at the library and other hot spots, and, finally, getting the digital video camera files onto the computer and edited in time for Christmas.

I'm enjoying working with these toys and technological marvels. My "ace in the hole" is that my sons-in-law are very technically ept and willing to help if I need it.

So much of the technology, and research resources, are new in the last several years. What is to come? We are seeing eConferences, interactive genealogy training videos online, Roots Television and Video Logs and YouTube videos now - my guess it will become even more visual. We may have virtual tours of distant genealogy spots at our society meetings and conferences - either as digital video or even live in some cases.

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