Friday, December 1, 2006

All she wants for Christmas...

We are on the road again this weekend, celebrating Angel Linda's birthday at a romantic hideaway in beautiful downtown Carlsbad. I'm dropping her off at the mall today to meet a friend for lunch, and then am going to Carlsbad Library for four hours of research. Then, tonight and tomorrow, is the hideaway part of the weekend -- walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, shopping, watching football on TV, snuggling in the whirlpool, etc.

My problem all fall has been "what to get her for her birthday?" And then for Christmas. Back in the summer, she lamented that she couldn't access her email while I was doing my endless genealogy work on the desktop computer in the "genea-cave" at home. So I said, thinking logically, "how about getting a laptop so you can read your email from your bed?" She said "that would be great! We could take it on vacation with us too." So I said, smiling broadly, "OK, I'll get it for you for your birthday."

And I did -- then when I mentioned it she said "well, you're the one that's going to use it the most, so I want something else for my birthday." OK, I said "what about a wireless network for the house?" She was not amused -- so now the laptop and wireless network are "our" Christmas presents (in her mind, I think it means they are "my" Christmas presents - that's OK!).

Angel Linda collects angels, so now I'm thinking I'll get her a nightgown that reads "I collect angels, my husband thinks I began with him." Or a T-shirt that reads "I'm Married to a Sexy Genealogist."

We will probably go shopping this weekend for her birthday and Christmas. The fallback gifts are, of course, jewelry and clothes. Gift certificates too. Tiffany's is calling, I think.

Any help out there? What do you get for the Angel Wife that has everything?

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Jasia said...

You can never go wrong with jewelry when shopping for a lady! I say go for it!