Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Family tree tattoos?

Wouldn't it be neat to have your family tree tattooed on your back? If you knew enough generations, it could run down your legs too! Is that a great visual, or what?

Apparently, one of MY San Diego Charger favorite football players is doing exactly part of my vision - "the family tree on his back" part, as explained in this article from the San Diego CityBeat newspaper:
A rookie, McNeill had his whole extended family in town, from siblings and cousins to aunts, uncles and grandparents. They came to his house and whipped up a dinner just like the ones he used to have back home in Decatur, Ga. He’s so close to his family that his back is tattooed with an enormous spreading tree titled “McNeill” in looping script. It’s a family tree, and this off-season he plans to have the names of his grandparents and siblings inscribed into the branches.

Now Marcus McNeill is a BIG man (6-7, 350 pounds) and has a lot of back acreage for his tattoo tree. Apparently, he already has his own name and his parents names on his back.

I wonder how far back he can trace his family line? I wonder if his name is at the bottom of his tree - at the roots so to speak. I would think so, but who knows. That would mean his grandparents and earlier generations would be higher up in the tree.

I wonder if he wants the help of an experienced researcher to find more McNeill ancestors? I'll do anything for the team :)

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