Friday, January 12, 2007

"The Internet Guy" Genealogy Blog

Have you visited Rick Crume's genealogy blog called "The Internet Guy" at ?

While he doesn't post very often, the material he posts is usually excellent. As examples (unfortunately, you can't find copyable links on the site):

1) "Funeral Home Records" posted 8 January 2007

2) "U.S. Military Records" posted 16 December 2006.

3) "Locating Living Relatives" posted 29 November 2006

4) "Online Obituaries and Graveyard Inscriptions" posted 8 November 2006

Each of those posts defines the available online resources for the topic. The best way to save them, since they aren't directly linkable, is to copy and paste them into a word processing document and save it to your hard drive, and then print it out and put it in a research notebook.

Rick is an author, having written the book "Plugging Into Your Past." He has a web site at At that site, he has lists of free databases at .

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