Monday, January 8, 2007

Della's Journal - January 8 - 14, 1929

This is Installment 2 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother. The "players" and "setting" are described here. The last week is here.

Tuesday, January 8: Ma & I worked in yard in fore-noon fixed asparagrus bed & I trimmed rose trees & Hibiscus. After lunch Mary Dyar came to stay a few days. Bert's sister's boy Clyde Meriacl his wife & her mother came to see her relatives so Mary rode down with them.

Wednesday, January 9: I went down town deposited 20-- checked out 8-- bought Mrs. Snyder asthamus med. 2.65, took it out and she paid me. Gro. 2.50 meat .50 Liver(?) .15 ribbons .40 clothespins .30 doughnuts .25 bread .10 W.O.W. Inshurance man was here. Then Mary's folks called.

Thursday, January 10, pleasant: Mary went home at 1 P.M. We had a very nice visit. Emily worked. Betty going to school all right. Men here that own lots. I went down met them at Union Title office. I signed paper to extend mortg for 3 yrs brought home paper for A to sign. Took deed to be recorded that Ma made me in 1922 of lots in E San Diego. .80. Got home 5:40 P.M. went out to Forrest's to take Xmas presents. Katie's mother died about Thanksgiving time. Jack called Mrs. Baxter got fern.

Friday, January 11, pleasant: Ma has called on Mrs. Nata?a & Mrs. Chapman got the Gro. card from Mrs. Trisher. She is going back to Clamath Falls.

Saturday, January 12: Ed over. He cut lawn. A went to town, got book at Library. Gave Ed 2 tokens some money & will send him a check. Emily worked all week.

Sunday, January 13, pleasant: Lyle's went to the country they had a nice time. Ma, A & I took tub baths.

Monday, January 14: Mr. Watson & Miss Thoren Pd rent. Emily worked. We washed.


One of the interesting things about this family is that Della did all of the legal and financial transactions. Mary Dyar was a cousin, married to Bert Dyar, who lived in Long Beach, I think.

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