Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Interesting genealogy data portal site

I'm always on the lookout for web sites with genealogy databases or data portals. I saw a reference to http://daddezio.com/ and checked it out.

First off, this is a site for Italian genealogy research. Everything you always wanted, or needed, to know about researching families with Italian names - see http://www.daddezio.com/italgen.html.

But there is a lot more. There are a number of web pages dedicated to different topics.

If you want to search for a surname, try http://daddezio.com/genealogy/search/index.html - you can put a surname in and see what information you can find. You get a list of databases with the surname, both free and subscription sites. There is also a GenWatcher feature where, if you provide an email address, you can be notified whenever data is added for three of your surnames.

There is a page for Vital Records by state at http://daddezio.com/records/room/index.html. Click on a state and you can see a summary of the available vital records, and how to order them from the state or a county. There are links to available databases (free or subscription), and a listing of counties with addresses and links to county genealogy web sites.

There are many more web pages at the site - if you have exhausted the other "more popular" sites, you may find what you need at http://daddezio.com/ .

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