Friday, January 12, 2007

"Ancestor Hunt" Genealogy Portal

I continue to look for genealogy data portals that might solve my problem with finding the elusive Robert Leroy Thompson.

I clicked on recently and found a decent data portal with links to most states, and to many databases. Many of the links end up in an database, but there are links to many and other free databases.

One of the free databases at the site concerns Family Bibles - at There are over 200 family Bibles every-name indexed. You never know when you might find the right Bible on a web site. There was a Thompson Bible here, but it was from Maine.

Another interesting collection is Prison Records at These are mainly historical, but might be useful for those searching for their Black Sheep ancestors.

One of the databases listed on the Ancestor Hunt site is the Marriages database at This might be very helpful to researchers.

What other genealogy data portal sites do you recommend?

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