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Della's Journal - Week 15 (April 9-15, 1929)

This is Installment 15 of the Journal of Della (Smith) Carringer, my great-grandmother, who resided at 2115 30th Street in San Diego in 1929.

The "players" and "setting" are described here. Pictures of some of the players are here. Last week's Journal entry is here.

Here is Week 15:


Tuesday, April 9 (windy, cool): I took sponge bath finished washing & hung out clothes that did not get dry. Auntie Cole came down with some neighbors. Ma set up out in kitchen. slept better last night. I made veg. soup.

Wednesday, April 10 (pleasant): Letter from Mrs. Schmidt. He is better. Ma set up in kitchen today. got Harlun oil, going to try that. Her cold is better. Auntie had Mrs. Auble help her on a dress she was making over. Austin's cold some better. Auntie went home this P.M.

Thursday, April 11 (pleasant): My Birthday. Lyle & Emily game me an inverted light for our dining room, it is fine. They got two alike for their rooms. Betty composed a birthday verse for me & Mrs. A. gave me a handkerchief Emily had made. Got two cards & a big bouquet of sweet peas. Ma was very bad at night & this morning had to steam her and got some other medicine Eurothopin 50 cents tablet 5 gr 30 to box. A's cold better. I worked in yard some. Watered & stired the groun[d].

Friday, April 12 (pleasant): Watsons pd. rent. I phoned Salvation Army to go out & get Iron bed stead springs. Ma better today. Atlas came today, gave it to Betty for her School work. I wrote Aunt Libbie for Ma.

Saturday, April 13 (pleasant but cool wind): Ed over, he was sick, did not work any, had a cold. Gave him $5 check. Ma about same. A[ustin] did not do much work, rested, his cold some better.

Sunday, April 14: Lyle's stayed at home in P.M. They took a ride up to the Park and out East of town. Ma up & dressed enough to walk around, feels better. Mrs. Westland came out to see her and told us that Elizabeth had run away and got married a few weeks ago, but that his mother is going to have it annulled as he is only 19 yrs Elizabeth is 19 also. Mrs. W brought Ma a bouquet of sweet peas. Forrest is staying at Elvas (as Sherrie has the scarlet fever). He has been there three weeks, the other two children have not had it yet. Katie's father dided seven weeks ago.

Monday, April 15 (warm): I washed, A[ustin] got pay, Miss Thoren pd. Ma got up for dinner, is getting better. Mrs. Hughes called, she is starting to take the lady home she has been taking care of. My 6 roses & 6 gladiolas came today.


There were lots of visitors this week. Perhaps it was because Ma (Della's mother, Abby (Vaux) Smith, has been ill. And some excitement with Elizabeth (Westland?) ran off and got married. I have no idea who that is - perhaps a friend or a neighbor. I do know who Auntie Cole is - an aunt by marriage of Geargia Auble in the Kemp line. I'll have to track that family down.

We forget about how daily life worked then - baths only occasionally, wash was put through the wringer and hung on clotheslines, a dinner meal was often soup or some sort of pot dish, sickness was difficult to treat and often fatal. People lived at home until they died, as Abby Smith is doing, and are treated by their family, as Della is doing for her. And life goes on, a birthday is celebrated. There is no indication that Austin gave his wife anything. I would love to hear the verse that Betty (my mother) composed for her grandmother.

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