Friday, April 13, 2007

My mtDNA matrilineal lines

Jasia is getting education in mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome DNA in preparation for having tests performed. Blaine, The Genetic Genealogist, has answered her questions in a series of posts here and here. I appreciate Blaine's explanations and Jasia's fortitude to ask the questions.

I thought it might be worthwhile to write down my own matrilineal lines in hopes that perhaps someone else hooks into my lines somewhere, and has had a genetic genealogy test done. Or perhaps someone can help me extend the line itself back one or more generations.

My mtDNA matrilineal lines include (with birth year and place, and death year and place):

1) My mother's (and my own) mtDNA:

a) Betty Virginia Carringer (1919 San Diego CA - 2002 San Diego CA)
b) Emily Kemp Auble (1899 Chicago IL -1977 San Diego CA)
c) Georgianna Kemp (1868 Norfolk County, ON - 1952 San Diego CA)
d) Mary Jane Sovereen (1840 Norfolk Co ON - 1874 Norfolk Co ON)
e) Eliza Putman (1820 Steuben Co NY - 1895 Norfolk Co ON)
f) Sarah Martin (??) (1792 NJ - 1860 Norfolk Co ON)

Sarah Martin married John Putman (1785 Sussex Co NJ - 1863 Norfolk Co ON) in about 1808. They had children Peter (1813), Milford (1815), Isaac (1819), Eliza (above), Rebecca (1822), Mary (1825), Martha (1829), and William (1834).

I don't know who the parents are of Sarah Martin - I'm not sure that Martin is her maiden surname. I'm relying on secondary sources found by other researchers for that. Obviously, I would like to know more about her ancestry.

There may be descendants of Sarah's other daughters (Rebecca, Mary, Martha) who, through their own matrilineal lines, carry the same mtDNA that I have. I don't have records for these daughters other than their birth years, all likely in Wayne, Steuben County, NY.

2) My father's mother's mtDNA:

a) Alma Bessie Richmond (1882 Killingly CT - 1962 Leominster MA)
b) Julia White (1848 Killingly CT - 1913 Putnam CT)
c) Amy Frances Oatley (1826 S. Kingstown RI - bef 1870, Killingly CT)
d) Amy Champlin (1797 S. Kingstown RI - 1863 Killingly CT)
e) Nancy Kenyon (ca 1765 RI - bef. 1850 S. Kingstown RI)
f) Anna --?-- (perhaps Kenyon) (ca 1740 RI? - ???)

Anna --?-- was the wife of John Kenyon (??? RI - 1831 Sterling CT) - they supposedly married in Newport RI in 1764. As you can tell, I'm stuck here!

There are quite a few female cousins who continue the matrilineal line from Alma Bessie Richmond, my grandmother. I try to visit them in New England often!

You can see more details of my ancestry on these two lines by looking at my ahnentafel reports here (Emily Kemp Auble) and here (Alma Bessie Richmond).

So why do I bring this up now? Because there is the distinct possibility that by doing genealogy research on the descendants of these females, I might find cousins who might have further genealogical records.

I am reminded by this that I should have my own genetic genealogy tests done - both mtDNA and Y-DNA. I'm pretty sure that I'm of British Isles stock on both sides, but a different result would be intriguing.

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