Friday, May 11, 2007

Ancestry does a good thing - subscribers can use it at FHL/FHC has arranged it so that personal subscribers can connect to the web site at LDS Family History Library and local Family History Centers.

Here is the post from Suzanne Russo Adams posted on the APG listserv (mailing list) this morning:

"Dear Colleagues,

"We are happy to announce that has found a solution to enable patrons at the Family History Library and Family History Centers to login to Ancestry using their personal accounts. We have been coordinating this deployment closely with representatives from the Family and Church History Department, the Family History Library, and administrative representatives of the Family History Centers.

"What we have done...

"We have created a new domain called for the Family History Library and the Family History Centers to use to get access to the collections available to them by contract.

"With this new domain name, patrons at the FHL and local FHCs can log in to their own personal accounts using just like they would from home.

"Thank you,
Suzanne Russo Adams,
AGProfessional Services Desk Manager,
part of The Generations Network"

This makes personal researching at LDS facilities a lot easier - if you have an Ancestry subscription. You can log onto just like you do at home (you might want to remember your password before you go if you have it set up automatically on your home computer!) and the FHL/FHC will connect you.

Thank you, LDS, FHL, TGN and Ancestry!

Leland Meitzler and Schelly Talalay Dardashti were first with the good news this morning!

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Anonymous said...

Is this actually confirmed? I've been on the phone with Ancestry and they said it isn't true. Has anyone been able to login to their personal account at the FHL?