Friday, May 11, 2007

Dick Eastman seminar in San Diego on 5/12

I posted a notice of the Dick Eastman seminar in San Diego on Saturday, 12 May, here. Information about the seminar and directions to the venue are at Hopefully, my colleagues in SDGS, CGSSD and CVGS haven't forgotten about it and will attend.

I was looking forward to hearing Dick speak on his four topics - but I am away from home in Santa Cruz to help my daughter for a week. So I will miss Dick's talks and the opportunity to meet him in person. This is when I wish that video conferencing was pervasive in genealogy - I would gladly pay a fee to hear and see Dick's talks at my own convenient time.

Hopefully, some of my colleagues will attend and give me a summary of the talks. I would welcome a "guest blogger" - any takers?

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Sheri Fenley said...

You can see Dick Eastman on Roots Television giving a great 45 minute lecture.

Sheri Fenley
Stockton, California