Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shoestring Genealogy web site

I love to follow genealogy links wherever I find them - in this case it was on Dick Eastman's blog.

The Shoestring Genealogy web site, posted by Dae Powell, has some interesting links to follow. On the main page, there are areas for "What's New" and "Tip of the Dae" and some links to other genealogy sites.

The real treasures on this site are the well-written articles listed under "Presentations" and the unique forms listed under "Forms" - both on the top menu of the web page. There are also menu items for "Services," "Chats and Quizzes," "Reviews," "Resources," "Utilities," and "Gallery."

You have to run your mouse over those menu items and then you can see what is listed - and they may run off the bottom of your screen.

Check out Shoestring Genealogy - you may find some useful information to help you pursue your elusive ancestors.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Randy, for recommending our site, ShoeString Genealogy, to your readership.

It is a work of love with an eye toward quality and reducing the expenses of this endeavor.

We're particularly proud of the presentations and forms, and your recommendation confirms their value. The site continues to grow, so additional visits will reward our guests.

Happy Dae
ShoeString Genealogy