Friday, May 4, 2007

A day without blogging is ...

a) Restful - I knew I wouldn't have a chance to post until late Thursday night.

b) Frustrating - I had the time on Thursday night, but the wireless network at the hotel wasn't strong enough.

c) Challenging - I had 100 emails to read, then 82 blog posts in Bloglines. Whew. Bloglines does make it easy to read blog posts, though!

Our flight to Manchester was uneventful. I read the book "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly. I tried to listen to the FGS lectures I have on my iPod, but the background noise on the airplane was too loud, so I played Solitaire on the iPod for awhile. I couldn't find a volume control for the iPod. I left the directions at home, of course.

We got to the hotel in Chelmsford, and the desk said they had either wireless or wired access to the Internet. Cool. We got our room, but went out to dinner with friends. When we got back at 10 PM, I tried the wireless connection, but got no signal. So I called the help number provided, and still could not get connected. I went to the desk again, and asked for the phone connection cable. They gave it to me, but the cable insert and the outlet in the wall didn't match. I went to bed without my email or blog fix.

This morning, I tested the wireless again. Nope - not in the room. I walked to the public room in the hotel and tried there. Nope. OK, I'll go to the library. I went to the front desk again, and they said try the dataport in the public room. OK - the cable insert fit on both ends, but it didn't work. Then I noticed that the icon for wireless lit up, and I connected by wireless. So scratch the library trip! I may be able to do this again tonight and Saturday!

Today is a free day - I'm going to call my cousin and see if we can help, or we will go to Leominster and look for family homes and take some pictures. We may even get to some outlying graveyards for more pictures.

I may be back posting before Sunday night (when we are back home).


Joe said...

Dude! The scroll wheel on the iPod is the volume control - when you're playing a song just move the scroll wheel to control the volume. And if you're serious about listening to doo-wop or genealogy podcasts in a noisy environment you might consider getting some noise canceling headphones. Rockin!

Randy Seaver said...


Yep, you're right! Thanks.

I haven't used it for awhile...I'll be sure to use it on the way home - I should be able to read my book and listen to music at the same time. I'm not that single-minded...yet.