Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Geraldine (Seaver) Remley obituary

The obituary for my wonderful aunt, Geraldine (Seaver) Remley appeared in the Kennebec Journal on Sunday, April 29:


"Geraldine Seaver Remley 1917-2007

"Geraldine (Gerry) Seaver Remley, 89, passed away on Wednesday, April 26, after a brief illness.

"She was born on May 18, 1917, in Leominster, Mass., the daughter of Frederick W. Seaver and Bessie (Richmond) Seaver.

"Her professional career was in the field of music education. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Lowell State College in 1939, a Masters of Education from Boston University in 1959, and 21 graduate credits from Boston, Harvard, Vermont, and Florida State universities between 1964 and 1968.

"She taught music to students at the Northhampton, Mass., public schools from 1939-1950 and at the Newton, Mass., public schools from 1950-1970. In addition she sang as a soloist and in choirs and choruses and directed several choirs and choruses during her career days and following her retirement in 1970.

"She is survived by her husband of 37 years, James H. Remley; Virginia Soule, five children; Nancy Arnold, husband; John Wood, wife and two children; Judith Fischer, Walter Wood, Jr., wife and three children; Randall Seaver, wife and two children, Barbara Schwahn, husband and two children; Stanley Seaver, wife and two children; Peter Seaver, wife and one child; Joanie King; Scott Seaver, wife and two children; stepdaughters Elaine R. Perachio, husband and three children; Sarah Jane Southmayd, husband, two children and two grandchildren: and stepson James H. Remley, Jr., wife and two daughters.

"Her love of music inspired many students and gave enjoyment to family members, friends and people in every community in which she lived. A family memorial service will take place on May 5 in Leominster.

"Donations in her memory may be made to Maine PBS or Augusta Fire and Rescue."


Unfortunately, there are several errors in this - she died on Thursday, April 26, not Wednesday.

The people listed after her husband are her nieces and nephews (and some of the number of children are wrong), not her children. Some genealogists who find this obituary many years from now may think that the list of 11 after her husband were her children, not her nieces and nephews.

We will be at the service in Leominster MA on Saturday, May 5. I worked several hours on my eulogy and am fairly happy with it. I need to practice a bit more, and edit it down a bit. I may post it after we get back.

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