Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dublin hotel offers Genealogy Butler services

Jimmy at JMK Genealogy Gifts forwarded this newspaper article to me - the link to the article is

The article says:


Shelbourne offers genealogy butler
Thursday May 31 2007

DUBLIN'S Shelbourne hotel has appointed a genealogy butler in a bid to lure high-spending American guests to the first lady of Dublin.

The genealogist, who'll take up residence from tomorrow, will offer guests one-hour advisory sessions and help them to draw up practical research plans.
Those who can't wait to get started on the historical trail can also email forward their family details before they arrive to give the genealogist a head-start.

"When you look at the Americans coming here, a lot of them are coming to trace their roots so this makes sense," said Shelbourne general manager Liam Doyle.

Bill Marriott, chief executive of Marriott International which has the management contract for the Shelbourne through its Renaissance brand, said the service was a "wonderful idea".


Jimmy adds: the Shelbourne is one of the more upmarket hotels in Dublin, Ireland.

That is a wonderful idea! Wouldn't that be a great job? I would jump at a chance to do that if I had the knowledge and the opportunity! Can't you hear it now - "Randall, would you please draw my pedigree chart for me? And bring me a Guinness so we can discuss the visit to my ancestral castle?" The possibilities are endless, aren't they?

Inquiring minds want to know if the butler will be male or female (is the word "butler" masculine?). And if they will provide private research "services" in addition to their services paid for by the hotel?

What other locations would be good for a genealogy butler? Scotland? Sicily? Salt Lake City? Boston? Washington DC? London?

Interesting concept! Of course, that is what the research staff at major genealogy repositories is for - to help researchers plan their time and find resources.

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