Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A genealogist dies ...

There is a great family history joke printed in Allison Stacy's article "Tools of the Trade" in the September 2007 edition of Family Tree Magazine. I tried to find it on the Internet but failed.

"A genealogist dies. Much to her chagrin, she learns she's not going to heaven. But her spirits improve after the devil gives her the Grand Tour of Hell - which, as it turns out, contains the biggest family history library anyone could imagine.

"What's more, the genealogist gets her own desk, pedigree charts, and countless records at her disposal. So she begins working in the library.

"A week later, the devil returns to ask how she's doing. 'It's great,' she says, 'except I can't find a pencil or anything else to write with.'

"The devil replies with a chuckle, 'Yes, that's right. Hell, isn't it?'"

Obviously that is a takeoff on lawyer, Clinton and other Grand Tour of Hell jokes, but it is funny!

I'm not sure who wrote this originally - Allison's article says that James M. Beidler quoted it in his syndicated column "Roots and Branches" for Pennsylvania newspapers. If someone knows the correct attribution, I would appreciate knowing it.

What other genealogy jokes might be out there that start with "A genealogist dies..."? Can you make one up and share it with us, either in comments or on your own blog? I will promote them out of comments into this post, or post a link to your blog, if you contribute one.

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Anonymous said...

Then SHE WAS not a REAL genealogist...we use our own BLOOD for writing.