Sunday, July 15, 2007

SDGS Meeting Review

The San Diego Genealogical Society meeting on Saturday was a triple-header.

First, Carl Dustin of La Jolla, whose wife June is an SDGS member, gave a patriotic and funny talk about "The Flags of our Forefathers." He displayed and talked about nine of the early American flags. He made it a quiz and whenever someone gave the right answer, he gave them a flag lapel pin. At the end,m we all rose and said the Pledge of allegiance, making sure not to put the comma in "One Nation Under God." The talk was only 20 minutes or so, and Carl did a nice job of it - making folks laugh at him and with him.

Second was the Ice Cream Social. I skipped lunch just so I could have two scoops - one vanilla and one chocolate - with chocolate sauce topping, for only $2.25. A pretty good deal. It was great! Yummy! I love ice cream.

Third was Mary Card and a talk on "Timber-r-r-r - The Midwest Gold Rush," which was about the lumber industry up in Michigan and states further west. She talked a bit about the history of the timber industry, life in a lumber camp, lumber jargon, and also about her Michigan family experiences in the timber industry. It was an interesting talk on a subject I haven't really thought about before.

I'm going to miss the August 11th SDGS meeting - it is the annual Potluck Lunch and Book Auction (with Anita Cheek Milner - she's a riot!). I have used the book auction to collect genealogy journals and periodicals in an effort to obtain a complete collection. I take my updated list of "Books I Have" and "Periodicals I Have" with me to make the selections. Periodicals are usually $1 per year, so it's a good deal. But I'm going to be on vacation that weekend. Oh well -next year!

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