Sunday, July 15, 2007

No PDs at the SD FHC Yet

I can hear you asking - "what's a PD?" Well - it's a "Premium Database."

What's a "Premium Database" you ask? It is what the LDS is calling a database that the LDS has partnered with - like,,, and

These four sites, plus the National Archives and HeritageQuestOnline are in the Favorites menu at the San Diego FHC in a category called "Premium Online Databases" or something similar. I try to check these things out every time I go down there, for the obvious reason.

I asked the folks who run the FHC, and they say they don't know when the Premium Databases will be available. So I'll keep checking!

I did notice that on HeritageQuestOnline (which comes up without any sign on screen) that the 1880 Census now has an every-name index (probably taken from the site) and linked to the images. However, the Search capability still does not permit wild cards or Soundex-type searches - you have to spell out the name(s) and if the index doesn't match, you don't get the hit.

I watched some of the volunteers inputting 1900 census records into the FamilySearch Indexing project and really like the program they use - it sure makes things easy to input in the right column - the data is highlighted and you just type it in then move on to the next column and the highlighter moves. About 5 of us had a good discussion about the spelling variations seen on the census, and how the indexing needs to be done according to what it looks like, not what you think it should be. There was a surname on one page that was Callins, Cullins and Collins all next to each other ... the handwriting was not wonderful, to say the least!

The only useful thing I accomplished at the FHC was to order a microfilm of Jamestown RI probate records, and to place the July flyers for CVGS on the counter. Then I took off to the SDGS meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Randy, the big problem I have with the 1900 census indexing project I am helping with for is mainly with telling the difference between JAN and JUN in the month column...and some of these censustakers need handwriting lessons. I thought my handwriting was BAD but I would have PRINTED or tried harder for neatness. The other thing is many of the census pages have been WRITTEN ON by someone after the initial taking of the census...and it is hard to read bad handwriting and symbols written on TOP of it. So if you are looking in the index, and can not find YOURS...check by hand...YOU can READ your surname better than an indexer can! Remember just cause it is not findable in an index does not mean your folks are not RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE!