Monday, July 9, 2007

Miriam has interesting forms

I'm a big fan of useful genealogy forms, and have made several based on my own research needs.

Miriam Midkiff at her Ancestories blog has a post about some of the forms she has developed and used - read about it at

She has a link to the forms page on her website. The forms include a Cemetery Employee Interview, a Funeral Home Employee interview, on Online Research Log, a U.S. Research Checklist, and a Timeline.

Thanks, Miriam - great job! May I suggest that you put a copyright notice on your forms?

Miriam also has a post about "Tidy Your Documents" month declared by T.K. on the Before My Time blog. Some wise words there by both of them. I thought about trying to tidy up during July, but ...

I fear that my piles have grown so high that it will take months to get them sorted onto the forms and put into the notebooks and bookcases. I used to be really organized - with research logs, correspondence logs, to-do lists, and the like - about 10 years ago! But events overtake all of the good intentions. If I hadn't started blogging, maybe things would look tidier around here...or maybe there would be even higher piles and no outlet to complain about it!

Is there a procrastination gene? If so, I must have it.

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Miriam Robbins said...

Randy, thank you for pointing out my forms and charts. It is my understanding that forms cannot be copyrighted. Also, I offer these freely to the genealogical community, so I have no interest in claiming authorship. I may later print the URL of my webpage on future forms, so that others may find it for future use.

There is no way I am going to get everything organized around here in a month, much less two or three months! But I have to start somewhere...and if there is a procrastination gene, I'm afraid I have it as well!