Saturday, July 14, 2007

Surname Origins and Meanings

The next Carnival of Genealogy is about Surnames -their origin, famous people or places, etc. So I went looking for web sites to help me with my English SEAVER surname. Here is what I found from a simple Google search - and perhaps they will help you find what your surname means also!

* Glossary of Last Name Meanings and Origins at

* Name History and Origin Search Engine at (free)

* Origin of Surnames article by Kathi Reid at

* Last Name Meanings at

* Names Encyclopedia at

* Surnames, Family Names, Meanings of Names at

* Last Name Meaning and Family Coats of Arms at

* Behind The Name - Etymology and History of Surnames at

* Coats of Arms, Family Name Origins and Surname Meanings at

* Coats of Arms and Surname Histories at

You get the idea. There are specialist sites for surnames from each country or ethnic group if you can't find anything in the above list. For example, just Google [ surname meaning china ] if you want Chinese surname meanings.

Now on to finding out what the surname SEAVER means! Maybe I'll find a useful coat of arms too!


TK said...

Thanks, Randy! That was useful!

Unknown said...

Speaking of names and such, do you know of a good place to purchase a engraved name plate?