Thursday, July 12, 2007

NEHGS Email Newsletter

I receive a number of email newsletters from genealogy societies, commercial companies, book publishers and other organizations.

One of the best weekly email newsletters is from the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The email newsletter usually has timely announcements about new databases at NEHGS, book announcements, research news and tips, an article on other repository holdings, a research problem solution, NEHGS meetings and classes, etc.

Receiving the email newsletter does not require you to be an NEHGS member. You can see an archive of the email newsletters here. Just click on the link for the year at the top of the page.

Unfortunately, the link above does not cover the archive for the year 2007 yet due to an oversight on their part. If you want to see the 2007 archives, go here.

If you want to join NEHGS, and have the benefit of the excellent NEHG Register journal and fine New England Ancestors magazine, plus the online databases, you can join here.

Please note that I am an NEHGS member, but no one asked me to write this - I just thought someone might like to receive the email newsletter!

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