Friday, July 13, 2007

SDGS Meeting on Saturday

Hey, San Diego area readers - come to the San Diego Genealogical Society meeting on Saturday, July 14th at 12 noon. The meeting is at St. Andrews Lutheran Church 8350 Lake Murray Blvd (at Jackson Drive) in San Diego.

The program is threefold:

1. "The Flags of Our Forefathers," by Carl Dustin, will display and discuss nine of our country's most historical and unusual flags dating from 1686 to 1864. How many can you recall? Come and learn some of the little known facts of history and our flags. It should be fun and most educational.

2. ICE CREAM Social - $1 a scoop, 25 cents per topping. Be sure to bring the children, grandchildren neighborhood kids, etc. as it will be fun for all (and who doesn't like ice cream?).

3) After the ice cream, we will have a special presentation by board member Mary Card. Her topic, "Timber, The Midwest Gold Rush" will discuss the history, culture, impact and legends surrounding the logging and lumber industry in Great Lakes area that really had a nation-wide influence. This will be of particular interest for anyone with Michigan or Wisconsin ancestors.

I plan to attend this meeting after visiting the Family History Center in the morning to order microfilms and to check on the availability of the partner databases on the FHC computers.

If I survive the ice cream blitz, I'll report on this meeting on Saturday afternoon.

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