Thursday, October 18, 2007

TGN Acquisition commentaries

There has been been more commentary in the genealogy blogosphere, both by The Generations Network executives, the former CEO, and genealogy bloggers.

Here is a list of commentary:

* Richard Eastman at the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter has a post with notes from a phone interview with Tim Sullivan (TGN CEO), in addition to his earlier posts with many comments here and here.

* Leland Meitzler at the Everton's Publishers Genealogy Blog has Tim Sullivan's letter to TGN employees here.

* Paul Allen (former MyFamily/Ancestry CEO) posted his observations on his Paul Allen blog here. Thanks to Tim Agazio at Genealogy Reviews Online for the link - good catch!

* Diane Haddad at The Genealogy Insider blog has another telephone interview with Tim Sullivan here.

* The Ancestry Insider had some nice things to say about my comments and discussed some comments made by others in his Inside Scoop on Ancestry Acquisition post.

* My own analysis and comments posted yesterday are here.

What other bloggers have commented on or analyzed this acquisition? Please tell me and I'll add them to my list above.

UPDATED 10/20 9:15 AM: Added the Ancestry Insider link.

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