Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WVR Customer Input Panel Questions

I signed up several weeks ago to contribute to the WorldVitalRecords Customer Input Panel. You can sign up for it here. This week's survey had 15 questions, and the most important ones (to me) were (paraphrased in my notes):

* What 5 US states would you like to see more Vital Records from? I put MA, MD, NY, CT and NH.

* What 2 Canadian provinces would you like to see more Vital Records from? I put Ontario and New Brunswick.

* What 5 countries other than the US and Canada would you like to see more records from? I put England, Germany, Norway, Netherlands and Mexico.

* How important are Historical and Genealogical societies to your research? I said Important.

* How many genealogical societies do you belong to? I said 5 or more.

* What societies are they? I named NGS, NEHGS, ESOG, SDGS, CVGS and CGSSD.

* Would it be beneficial if WVR offered a discount membership to a society? I said Yes.

* How satisfied are you with the current census image collection? I said Dissatisfied (as I posted last week).

This is a very useful sensing of genealogy resources and opinion, and I commend WorldVitalRecords for taking the time to take the surveys and to implement the responses.

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