Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NEHGS Online Seminars

The New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston has a number of relatively short online seminars for members to benefit at a distance from the expertise of the NEHGS staff. The seminars currently offered at http://www.newenglandancestors.org/education/main/online_lectures.asp include:

* Finding Your Ancestors Online by D. Joshua Taylor

* Methods of Finding a Wife's Maiden Name by David Curtis Dearborn, FASG

* NEHGS Resources OnLine by Marie E. Daly

* Civil War Pension Research: Union Soldiers by David Allen Lambert

* Who Was Your Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother? by Julie Helen Otto

* Getting Started in Irish Genealogy Part 1 by Marie E. Daly

* Applying to Lineage Societies by Christopher Challender Child

* Genealogical Tips: Transcribing Gravestones by David Allen Lambert

* Getting Started in Genealogy - Part 1 by Marie E. Daly

* Getting Started in Genealogy - Part 2 by Marie E. Daly

* Getting Started in Genealogy - Part 3 by Marie E. Daly.

The presentations are done in FlashPlayer - you see the slide and hear the speaker - you can click on the next slide any time you want, or go back a slide or two to hear something again.

These presentations are excellent, and are a great opportunity to learn about the topics presented by expert genealogists.

I believe that access to these presentations is FREE to everyone. I logged out of my subscription account and was able to access the presentations. If that is not the case, would someone please let me know? Thanks.


Deb said...

Hadn't looked at these in quite awhile, so thanks for the reminder. Just went through the "Getting Started in Irish Genealogy, Part 1". Yes, still free to anyone. :)

Lee said...

I don't have any ancestors up there, so I'm not a member, but I did enjoy the first of those seminars. I'm happy to see they've added more, and I look forward to checking them out. Thanks, Randy!