Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"New England Ancestors" Magazine TOC - Holiday 2007 Issue

The Holiday 2007 issue of the New England Ancestors magazine, Volume 8, Numbers 5-6, came last week, and I really enjoyed reading it. This magazine is published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and is included in a society membership (which is $75 a year).

The Table of Contents lists the following Features:

* "New England Moves West: Connecticut's Pennsylvania 'Colony' " by Donna Bingham Munger -- page 21.
* "Finding the Whole Truth: The Terry Family of the Wyoming Valley" by Stephen C. Young -- page 26.
* "Salem witch Judge: The Life and Repentance of Samuel Sewall" by Eve LaPlante -- page 30
* "Friendship Books: An Overlooked Source for Genealogists" by Marjorie Hubbell Gibson -- page 33
* "Bring Your Ancestors to Life" by James and Marianna Carbine -- page 36
* "Ten Further Notable American Cousins of Diana, Princess of Wales" by Gary Boyd Roberts -- page 38
* "Ebenezer Knight Dexter's Enduring Gift to Providence" by Edwin M. Knights, Jr -- page 41.

The Columns Include:

* Computer Genealogist - "Computer Security by Rhonda R. McClure -- page 45
* Computer Genealogist Spotlight - "British History Online" by Connie Reik
* Genetics & Genealogy - "The Coddington DNA Study Project" by Jonathan Coddington -- page 48
* Manuscripts at NEHGS - "Update on the John Insley Coddington Papers" by Timothy G.X. Salls -- page 51
* Bible Records at NEHGS - "The Bush and Loomis Bible, Part Two" by Robert Shaw -- page 53
* Tales from the Courthouse - "The Case of the Stone-Throwing Devil" by Diane Rapaport.

In addition, there are the UpFront department articles with Greetings, In This Issue, Letters and Feedback, Announcements, Education Programs and Tours, and New England Online.

I really learned a lot from the article about Connecticut's Pennsylvania Colony and the history of this area. I don't think I have any of my ancestors in this settlement, but I need to consider it when helping others. The Samuel Sewall, and Ebenezer Dexter articles were fascinating for different reasons - Sewall was involved in the Salem Witch Trials and I have a Rebecca Nurse connection, and the Dexter article is about the "asylum" he built in Providence in the 1800's - I am always searching for Seaver people in obscure records for my one-name study. The Coddington DNA Project results are intriguing too.

In the Letters and Feedback department, there are three entries to the "My Most Challenging Brick Wall" stories - they are typical of New England elusive ancestors. The New England Online "From the Desk of the Online Genealogist" article by Michael J. Leclerc had answers to five queries submitted by readers was very interesting. Lastly, the 2007 index was included in this issue.

Occasionally, when I'm bored with routine genealogy work, I re-read these magazines and see what I have missed or forgotten, and especially note earlier articles that may help solve a recently surfaced problem.

This magazine provides a nice balance between traditional repository research and online database research - and reinforces the thought that you cannot do everything in genealogy research online, and probably never will be able to do it all online.

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