Tuesday, January 29, 2008

National Genealogical Society Quarterly - December 2007 Issue TOC

The December 2007 issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly (Volume 95, Number 4) has the following Table of Contents:


* "Identifying Benjamin W. Cohen of New York and New Orleans" by Teri D. Tillman, CG - page 245

* "The Bourn Identity: Meredith Bowen Alias Bourn of Frederick County, Virginia" by Victor S. Dunn, CG - page 265

* "Who Was Eleanor Saxon of Fayette County, Indiana?" by Dawne Slater-Pitt, MLS, CG - page 271

* 2007 Winner: Family History Writing Contest - "A Family for Suzanne" by Ruth Randall - page 281.


* Jennings Family Bible Record - page 303


* "A Disgraceful Condition?" - page 264

* "The Waye to Hell?" - page 279

* "The Newgent Family" - page 280

* "Marriages of Stubborn Mules to Fine Fillies (or Brood Mares?)" - page 302.


ANNUAL INDEX - page 321.


As always, this NGSQ issue is chock full of articles that describe solutions to seemingly unsolvable research problems. The "Family for Suzanne" article was especially interesting to me, because it involved slave records reaching back into the 18th century. The "Eleanor Saxon" article was excellent also - the author sorted out a complicated family with two Eleanors.

What always strikes me every time I read the NGSQ, NEHGR and TAG (among others) articles is the stark fact that these research problems are almost always solved by researching in records that ARE NOT in online databases or in published family or locality books. The records are found in archives, courthouses, historical and genealogy societies, libraries and other private or public repositories.

It reinforces my firm opinion that researching in the LDS Family History Library collection of microforms, and in the localities and regions themselves, is required to solve most elusive ancestor problems.

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