Saturday, February 2, 2008

Genealogy Fun on Saturday Night

Tim Agazio found the Blog Addiction test and "made" many of us take the test (heck, who can resist?) at

I got an 80% but can't figure out how to make the graphic show up on this post. I managed to get most of it on my blogger page by sticking the HTML in the Template (I'm stlll working on the old blogger where it isn't easy to put stuff on your blog).

The highest score I've seen so far is Miriam at 82%.

Then Janice Brown at Cow Hampshire stuck a dancing video in her "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" post starring three nefarious genea-bloggers - you can see the video here (click on Replay if it doesn't work when you hit Play). Thanks, Janice (I think!)! My Angel Linda loved this - and wished that I was still that thin and agile - it's been about 35 years, I fear. If I tried that now, the earth would shake and grown women would laugh themselves silly - not to mention my grandchildren. I might even strain something or two.

Let me add some "What were their parents thinking?" names from the 1930 census here just to liven up this Saturday night at the old genea-bloggers hangout:

* Devil Cochran (age 16, Jackson county, AR)
* Satan Scott (age 5, Malheur County OR)
* Scare Gartley (age 38, Butte County SD)
* Godly Gengenbach (age 37, Dawson county NE)
* Godlift Horasta (age 48, San Bernardino County CA)

* True Lover Smart (age 3, Mecklenburg County NC)
* Happy Day (age 5, Letcher County KY)
* Peerless Love (age 6, Wilkes County NC)
* Unique Glass (age 27, Oklahoma County OK)
* Kindness Price (age 29, Jefferson County AL)

* Funny Price (age 37, Harris county TX)
* Humble Mister (age 11, Upshur County TX)
* Playfair Plybon (age 26, Wayne County WV)
* Lovely Kidd (age 37, Jefferson County AL)
* Hater Perks (age 44, Hanover county VA)

* Evil Mink (age 8, Bristol VA)
* Fonzie Outlaw (age 9, Dale county AL)
* Dynamite Partee (age 30, Forsyth NC)
* Super Williams (age 5, Mercer County WV)

That's enough for now - isn't it amazing the names that people gave their children?


Thomas MacEntee said...

Hey Randy

Doing research the other day, I found a census record where the name entry was transcribed incorrectly.

It appears that this section of the town was mostly military with the head of household name list, then their title/rank (sgt., lt., etc.)

So one of them came up as John Love Bug - but I think he was the bugler since he was really John Love and then "bug." on the right side of the name entry.

Kind of hard to think that in 1920 someone would have such a name.

Janice said...

Hey Randy,

What is your methodology used to dig up these great names? (How do you do it)


Tim Agazio said...

Randy, Sorry I "made" you go to the addicted to blogging was completely unintentional...