Sunday, January 27, 2008

CVGS meeting on Wednesday, 30 January - "New York State Research"

The next Chula Vista Genealogical Society (CVGS) general meeting will be on Wednesday, 30 January at 12 noon in the Chula Vista Civic Center Library auditorium.

Our speaker will be Shirley Becker, on "New York State Research." Her focus will be on upstate New York research, not New York City.

Shirley calls New York "the black hole of genealogy" and has been working for 15 years on finding her elusive ancestors in New York state. She is very experienced in research methods involving traditional resources and Internet resources.

Shirley is a past President of CVGS and is currently Newsletter Editor and she leads the CVGS Computer Group each month in the Library computer lab. Shirley hopes that her research problems and her discoveries will give insight and examples to others researching in New York state. Come, and let Shirley give you the benefit of her years of dealing with New York state genealogy.

This will be our first meeting at our new time (Wednesdays at 12 noon) and we may be late getting started. Please enter through the Conference Room in the easterly hallway to sign in, pick up handouts, buy a raffle ticket and have a snack before going into the auditorium. There will be a short society business meeting before our speaker is introduced.

CVGS welcomes guests and visitors. We hope that you will attend our meetings and join our active society.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Jeez I wish I could be there! Has CVGS ever though of recording these sessions as podcasts or webcasts?

Steve Danko said...

I wish I could be there, too. I agree that New York is certainly one of the black holes of my genealogical research!