Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Genealogy Parade is here!

Bill West asked his fellow intrepid and creative genea-bloggers to submit entries to a Genealogy Parade, and about 15 of us took him up on it.

The "Genealogy on Parade" post is on Bill's West in New England blog, and it has a fine display of floats, marching bands, a grand marshal and the like. Flutaphones played a large part in this parade, but that's another story.

Please go "watch" the parade and read all of the fine posts displaying imagination and honoring our ancestors.

Thank you, Bill, for a fun time! Wasn't it cold out there on the street? Inquiring minds want to know how many people lined the sidewalks of your town to witness this dazzling display of flutaphone wizardry and float creation?

1 comment:

Bill West said...

Thanks Randy for the submission and for the kind words.

And it was a warm and sunny with
clear blue skies as are most days
in imagination!