Thursday, February 7, 2008

Music from before our time

I found a wonderful web site recently, thanks to the latest Internet Genealogy magazine.

The "Popular Songs in American History" web site at has a wealth of songs through the ages - not just American written or sung. Some are sentimental, some are romantic, some are raunchy, some have a twist, some are silly. Before electricity, playing music and singing songs in a family or in a group was the prime entertainment in homes, churches and public places. Except in Puritan colonial New England, I guess.

What I really like is that you can hear the tune (without singing), see the lyrics, read some information about the song and its background, have some some related links that connect to the history of the area or time, and see the source of the lyrics and music.

There are about 200 songs at this site, separated into historical time frames. There are also links to English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh songs.

This is a wonderful web site! I've only listened to about 20 songs, but I really like The Deceived Girl, Sally in Our Alley, Free America, Rosalie the Prairie Flower, and Grandfather's Clock.

Do you have a favorite? Tell me...I don't want to miss anything.

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Craig Manson said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Randy. I love stuff like this!