Friday, February 8, 2008

Letters from home - Post 3

This is the second letter in the stack of Letters from Home to Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer, residing in San Diego, California in 1889. An explanation of the family situation is here.

From D.J. Smith in St Francis KS to wife Abby (Vaux) Smith in National City CA. Envelope has return address of Lock Box 202, addressed to Mrs. D.J. Smith, National City, San Diego Co, California. Postmark on front is St Francis KS dated Oct 15 1888, postmark on back National City Cal Oct. __ 1888. 2 cent stamp. Note on back of envelope: Sent Davie the $300.

Spring Ranch, Sunday Sept 1st 1889


Size doesn't always count. An elephant is bigger than you but give me you. Devier.

When fortune knocks, you want to be where you can open the door yourself.

Many self-made men have for wives and daughters Taylor-made women. Your father was a Taylor and you a Taylor's daughter.

Let me kiss him for his mother is proper to kiss a man for his ma. You will only stick to the plan. It oftener happens that some how or other Mother gets kissed for the man, how is that Dad.

Dad. Devier David where did I lay down my speckatels. Just under your nose Dad. Don't be so indiferent my son. You shouldn't trifle with the Old Man.

A chip off the old block. Austin how much does little Devier David love his father - hear Little D D one hundred percent. No discount. Fast collars with exchange on Spring Ranch. Austin, oh my father's own granson, say that again.

How is that for Austin. Delley, how much does he way, Austin I mean. I know what the boy ways from Pa and Gran Pa. By by to all and I will hitch up Hairpin and go and mail these. Kisses to all.


DJ Smith seems to write letters with a stream of thought method, and much of it makes little sense to me. He seems to "talk" to each person and has a little joke in each sentence.

I'm confused by the dates. When I transcribed this several years ago, the letter said 1889 but the envelope clearly said 1888. I just looked at the letter again, same thing! But he is speaking about his grandson, Devier David Carringer, who was born in August 1889 to Austin and Della Carringer. There is no other Devier David that I know of. The logical explanation is that someone put the letter in the wrong envelope at some time.
Hairpin is, of course, DJ's horse.

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