Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carringer Family Letters, 1890 to 1900 - Post 5

I have a series of family letters from the parents, brother and aunt of Henry Austin Carringer residing in National City and San Diego in the 1890 to 1900 time frame. Austin's parents (David Jackson and Rebecca (Spangler) Carringer and brother (Edgar, unmarried) resided in Boulder, Colorado during this period of time and there is news of towns people and events in these letters.

The fifth letter is from Austin's brother, Edgar Carringer, in Boulder.

Letter from Harvey Edgar Carringer of Boulder, Colorado to Austin and Della Carringer in San Diego, California. No envelope.

Boulder Mar 7th 1897

Dear Bro & sister

I will try to write you a little this time. Ma has been having a time with her hives the past few days. She was in bed two days but is up again & able to take her Regular Rations. Pa is able to do anything has not been over town for over two weeks & I don’t think he ever will be any better for he don’t make any effort to get better only to take a little medicine. We are having Strange weather some days w cold & foggy others snow & others warm & sunshine & some all kinds.

Last Friday night the Office of the New Delano Mining & Drilling Co. upon the Old Jack Brierly Garden south of the Road up the Cannon burned down they had their Assay Offices & Other Offices in it. It wasn’t quite finished & cost about $3000.00 & was All Destroied. I heard it caught from the Assay furnace it is outside the City limit & there wasn’t any water so it had to burn it was a 2 story About 20 x 30 house. Ella has another Girl 3 Girls & a Boy now the last one was born Thursday morn & was a big one too weighed 5-3/4# I got a card from Collins inquiring about his tax he is in Los A & isn’t doing much well he wont do much any where for the next 4 years.

With love from parents & Bro.


Edgar gives a health report on his parents, a weather report, and a current events report. There is also the report on cousin Ella (Robinson) Stanton's family. He finishes with something about taxes and perhaps a political statement "he wont do much any where for the next 4 years."

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