Friday, March 28, 2008

Now we know what happened to Virgil

You never know how or when something you blog about comes back to visit you. Sometimes it gives you a warm feeling that you've helped somebody.

Over a year ago, I found a newspaper article about a 13 year old boy who walked into a police station and asked for help, and posted "Tough times in Iowa." I wondered about him the next day, and posted "What happened to Virgil?" Sharon Elliott and I found some data about his wives and child and I posted it. In my post, I sincerely hoped that he had experienced a happy and successful life.

His grandson saw the post recently, and wrote a comment. It read:

"Louis Virgil Corporon was my grandfather. He fought in both world wars. WWI in 142nd field artillery battalion, WWII in the SeaBees. He married Nettie Barton in 1942 and went on to the war.

"He returned to Cushing Oklahoma after the war and raised Nettie's three daughters as his own. He retired from Deep Rock refinery in 1962.

"At the time of his passing in 1975, he had 8 grand children and one great grandson.

"He was the finest grandad that ever lived and was my best friend."

How about that. He served in the military in two wars, worked hard, and raised a family. I am ecstatic that he had a successful life and that there are people who remember and appreciate him. We should all be so lucky.

You never know what life holds when you are 13 years old and down on your luck. It looked like early in his life that fate gave Louis Virgil Corporon lemons, but then he made lemonade out of it, and shared it with a lot of people.

I need to share this with my friend who was Louis' cousin, and is also a cousin to his progeny.

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