Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jasia: Ready for the Blogalanche?

Somebody (probably Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit) has coined the term blogalanche for the avalanche of visits to a blog site when the blog is named or referenced in the media, publications or on a web site. For most genealogy bloggers, the blogalanche is temporary and welcome - the traffic spikes quickly and then subsides. But some readers like what they see and bookmark the blog or put it into their blog reader, resulting in a wider audience for the blog.

Jasia's Creative Gene blog, and the Carnival of Genealogy, just received major publicity - a half page article by Janice Nickerson on page 7 of the May 2008 issue of Internet Genealogy, a digital magazine. The paragraph I really liked was this

"If you’re new to the “blogosphere” and want a quick way to find genealogy bloggers, and see what their posts are like, this is a great way to find a whole
bunch of quality writers and get their takes on the latest theme. If you’re a
blogger who writes about genealogy-related topics, this is just the ticket for getting your work noticed, and learning from other like-minded people."

Excellent summary. I totally agree.

Congratulations, Jasia, for the article and thank you for all you do to promote the Carnival and genealogy. I hope you enjoy your blogalanche.


Bill West said...

Congratulations,indeed, to Jasia!

I've gotten so much pleasure out of reading and participating in the CoG,
not to mention that most of the blogs in my bookmarks folder I first found
because of it.

Great work, Jasia, and well deserved recognition.

Jasia said...

Well thank you so much for mentioning this Randy! I had no idea about the article, I was never contacted about it.

This should be an interesting blogalanche indeed. It seems my blog has also been chosen to be the recipient of the 2008 Artistry of Genealogy Award from the Tales From the World of Photoscanning blog at the site (the folks who had the big promo a while back to scan up to 1000 photos for $19.99). In fact, when I first read your post title that's what I thought you were writing about. The announcement is supposed to hit the wire service soon.

Anyway, thank you for your very kind words Randy. And thanks to you too Bill!

Oh boy! More visitors! :-)